Episode 5: Tips for the Newbie

Join me on Episode 5 of The Game Case Show for my week in WoW, some great news for Cuddles, April Fool’s Jokes, how to cure your LFR Blues and some tips for those new to Warcraft.

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April Fool’s Jokes:
T.I.N.D.R. for Followers: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/18486737/new-garrison-feature-tindr-for-followers-3-27-2015
Patch note funnies: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/16858965991

Episode 4: I rolled a Hunter

Join me on Episode 4 of The Game Case Show where I talk about WoW token news, my week in WoW, and what it’s like boosting a 90!

Mick Montgomery @MickMontgomery 
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Notch: @Anothernotch
Another Notch Gaming: twitch.tv/anothernotch
Knate: @Knate_CTR
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Casualt2Raider: @Casual2Raider

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Episode 3: Pet Battles Pet Battles and more Pet Battles

In this episode of The Game Case Show I discuss some news from the blues, and run down some tips for beginner pet battlers!



Pet Tracker – Will show you where to collect and where rares spawn on the map, shows on large map not minimap

Re-Match – For defeating legendary pets it will save teams for you so that you can pre-make teams and then set it up. It will show teams that you have fought with and let you bring up a team as well.

NPC Scan

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Bonus Roll: Blizzcon is coming!

With Blizzcon now officially announced, fanboys the world over are making plans. Is this your first time at a Blizzcon? Or at any con? Check out this short episode for some concise tips on what you should be doing now to prepare for November, and even before that for April 15th. What did I miss? Any tips that I should share in later episodes please share here or to the show twitter!

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Official Site: http://us.battle.net/blizzcon/en/
Ticket Info: http://us.battle.net/blizzcon/en/event-info/tickets/ticket-overview
Hotels: http://us.battle.net/blizzcon/en/event-info/travel-information/directions


Paying for Free to Play?

Beta’s provide an opportunity for developers to leverage the community to help them polish the rough edges off their game, and deliver a better end product. Games from Halo, to Minecraft, to Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm have all taken advantage of this medium to assist in their final stages of development. A beta is generally either closed or open to the public. A developer will decide whether to allow a massive influx of people or invite a select few to take part and give feedback. For most games a beta invite is a privilege or a lucky draw. You’re either a valued member of the community or simply one of a group randomly selected to participate. The amount of commitment for feedback varies between beta opportunities as does the breath of the experience. You may have access to just one map, or you may have access to an entire game. For the developer, they’re able to perform a much more thorough quality assurance process. This also allows for the gathering of focus group type data from a wide scope of users. For players, we get to be a part of the process. Get to see a game just a little bit before everyone else, and get to provide feedback on what we would like to see in the game. In short, a beta benefits both sides of the transaction.

While charging for access to a traditional retail game’s beta is the norm, charging for access to a free to play game is not. Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm (HotS), is charging players for access to the beta. Some may claim that the HotS “Founders Pack” ($39.99) is not paying for access to the beta. The argument being that you get in-game items that don’t come with a beta key. Read more

Episode 2: Throwing Beer with Friends

Episode 2 of the Game Case Show has me joined by LeBlue, co-host of the Monk Meditation Podcast as we dive deep into how to play a Brew Master Monk, talk a little about 6.1 and reveal the talent that you need to take off your tool bar! This is a longer than normal episode, but full of amazing content.

Special Guest:

Monk Meditation: http://MonkMeditation.com
All Monk Raid Video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrx5Jk1iLUk
Peak of Serenity IRC: http://irc.lc/coldfront/PeakOfSerenity/
Chi Burst: http://chiburst.com/

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Casual 2 Raider Podcast: http://casual2raider.wordpress.com/

Episode 1 – Da Zandalari don’t be comin!

Join me for episode 1 of The Game Case show. Plenty of News from the Blues this week, and some big changes for me in my own WoW time!

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Convert to Raid: http://converttoraid.com
Monk Meditation: http://monkmeditation.com

My Favorite WoW Addons

There’s been a lot of back and forth in both my guild chat, and on twitter lately with patch 6.1 coming out about what the best add-ons are to use. I’ll be going through the add-ons that I’m currently using and find the most helpful. I’ve spent time using many different add-ons and have boiled this list down to what I believe are the best of the best.

1. The Curse Client (http://www.curse.com/)

If you are familiar with the add-on game, than your more than likely familiar with curse.com and their curse client. Read more

Tweeting in WoW and other glorious additions from 6.1.

It’s here, the first major numbered patch for Warlord of Draenor is here! With it you will find the addition of a new legendary quest line, graphics improvements, addition garrison content, and possibly most talked about, the addition of twitter integration. Patch 6.1 was pushed out as a background download or upon logging in, after scheduled maintenance early on Tuesday. Assuming your character was in your garrison last time you logged off you’ll immediately notice a multitude of yellow exclamation points awaiting you. New dailies are present, as well as a tweak to the interfaces with your profession buildings. You may be alarmed the first time that you go to collect your garrison resources from the cache, as they’ve moved it about 10 feet to the left against your town hall building. If you happen to have a Storage Shed you’ll also notice that your Guild Banker has been replaced with a chest. These are just some of the small Quality of Life tweaks that Blizzard has implemented. All of which were designed for a better user experience in your garrison. Assuming that you’re up to date on the errands that “Khadgar” has assigned you, you’ll notice that he has some new tasks for you as well. There’s even a quest to go out and get a Jukebox for your garrison! The graphic improvements and tweaks that were made are also apparent, at least with a high-end graphics card.

Since the newest raid instance, Black Rock Foundry, dropped just a few weeks ago (Congrats to Method on World’s First) this patch wasn’t anticipated to bring much meat in the content department. that prediction, upon initial examination is holding true, there’s a few quests, but the biggest “news” out of this update seems to be Twitter. Read more

The inagural episode of the Game Case Show – World of Warcraft Edition

This is my very first podcast, forgive any rambling or poor editing, a Logo redesign as well as some audio elements for the show are on their way, but I was super excited to get this pushed out to you all, somewhat raw as it is! Please enjoy and leave me any comments you have!

Show Notes:

Mentioned in the show;

Monk Meditation Podcast www.monkmeditation.com

Heavens elite council – http://hec.minthe.net/index.php