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New YouTube Video Series

There’s some fun stuff going on over at YouTube.com/thegamecase! Namely a new series entitled “Garrison Pet Battle Daily Guides”. We are compiling a series of videos to help you beat those pesky Garrison Pet Battles. Now the series is by no means complete as of yet, but make sure you check it out and let […]

A Mythic night of raiding.

Things have been going well for me lately in World of Warcraft. My normal raiding team is about to take on Blackhand, my Heroic team is progressing well, and I’ve been getting more and more loot and raising my ilvl. As my ilvl has increased, as the bosses have gone down, my confidence in my […]

The Starting Zone Episode 118

I was honored to appear on Episode 118 of The Starting Zone hosted by Mick Montgomery along with another special guest Mr. Kris Alhman! You can find a link to this show here: http://thestartingzone.com/post/120789793796/episode-118-flight-and-ruptures This episode is also available on iTunes

Sometimes the Internet is beautiful.

If you follow my blog at all you’ll know that I’m often critical of how some behave when online. As a staunch believer and practitioner of Wheaton’s Law myself, I’m surprised when others can’t follow this simple adage. Young Mr. Crusher entreats us all to follow the simple mantra of “Don’t be a dick” in […]

The Day the Internet was mean to me.

So I decided to embark on a little bit of a social experiment today. I posted a picture on my Facebook account of my current post-surgery working from home neck beard. Now to fully understand this, know that I thanks to the wonders of genetics, am totally incapable of growing a full beard. The picture […]