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Camping Poundfist, is it worth it?

Any World of Warcraft player, given enough time will hit the level cap and while there is prestige to being among the first to get there with each new expansion, WoW players fill their time, and their “brag bags” with achievements, toys, mounts, and titles, in-game items that take time, effort, or skill to acquire. There’s […]

Review: Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons

Recently thanks to the Steam Winter Sale, I was able to pick up Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons, a game that has the praises of one my favorite Steam contributors TotalBiscuit. My first thoughts upon starting the game were how visually stunning the world of Brothers really was, set initially in a picturesque […]

An open letter to game developers.

Dear Game Developers, the complete lack of seeming to give a single flying duck whether your game works at launch is seriously making us gamers mad. While day 1 server slowness due to over taxed servers in multiplayer can be “somewhat” excused, these half broken games lately are a disgrace to the industry. In the […]

How I built it and they didn’t come.

For years I’ve had the mantra “if you build it, they will come” echoing through my head thanks to the Hollywood classic, Field of Dreams. Today I built my field of dreams, I set up my own Twitch.tv Channel, after watching streamers there “raking in money” and followers galore. Heck there’s even one guy that […]

Why everyone should play World of Warcraft

I like many non-WoW players spent years on the outside looking in. Hearing stories of WoW addiction, picturing in my mind that overweight, unkempt, hygienically challenged WoW fan. While over the years I definitely realized the fallacy of that stereotype, meeting folks of all walks of life that enjoy and sing the praises of World […]