Episode 1 – Da Zandalari don’t be comin!

Join me for episode 1 of The Game Case show. Plenty of News from the Blues this week, and some big changes for me in my own WoW time!

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My Favorite WoW Addons

There’s been a lot of back and forth in both my guild chat, and on twitter lately with patch 6.1 coming out about what the best add-ons are to use. I’ll be going through the add-ons that I’m currently using and find the most helpful. I’ve spent time using many different add-ons and have boiled this list down to what I believe are the best of the best.

1. The Curse Client (http://www.curse.com/)

If you are familiar with the add-on game, than your more than likely familiar with curse.com and their curse client. Read more

Tweeting in WoW and other glorious additions from 6.1.

It’s here, the first major numbered patch for Warlord of Draenor is here! With it you will find the addition of a new legendary quest line, graphics improvements, addition garrison content, and possibly most talked about, the addition of twitter integration. Patch 6.1 was pushed out as a background download or upon logging in, after scheduled maintenance early on Tuesday. Assuming your character was in your garrison last time you logged off you’ll immediately notice a multitude of yellow exclamation points awaiting you. New dailies are present, as well as a tweak to the interfaces with your profession buildings. You may be alarmed the first time that you go to collect your garrison resources from the cache, as they’ve moved it about 10 feet to the left against your town hall building. If you happen to have a Storage Shed you’ll also notice that your Guild Banker has been replaced with a chest. These are just some of the small Quality of Life tweaks that Blizzard has implemented. All of which were designed for a better user experience in your garrison. Assuming that you’re up to date on the errands that “Khadgar” has assigned you, you’ll notice that he has some new tasks for you as well. There’s even a quest to go out and get a Jukebox for your garrison! The graphic improvements and tweaks that were made are also apparent, at least with a high-end graphics card.

Since the newest raid instance, Black Rock Foundry, dropped just a few weeks ago (Congrats to Method on World’s First) this patch wasn’t anticipated to bring much meat in the content department. that prediction, upon initial examination is holding true, there’s a few quests, but the biggest “news” out of this update seems to be Twitter. Read more

The inagural episode of the Game Case Show – World of Warcraft Edition

This is my very first podcast, forgive any rambling or poor editing, a Logo redesign as well as some audio elements for the show are on their way, but I was super excited to get this pushed out to you all, somewhat raw as it is! Please enjoy and leave me any comments you have!

Show Notes:

Mentioned in the show;

Monk Meditation Podcast www.monkmeditation.com

Heavens elite council – http://hec.minthe.net/index.php


Tanking the Floor, my first raid.

Last night I had the honor and privilege of running normal Highmaul with an all Monk team put together by the guys that run Monk Meditation. (Monk Meditation, if you’ve never heard of it is an extremely informative and entertaining Podcast all about, you guessed it, Monks in World of Warcraft.) I’ve been rolling a Monk for 100 levels now, and am building up my gear set to be able to participate in some of the current Warlords of Draenor raid content. So last week when ChaiThi, host of Monk Meditation, announced that they were going to be running an all Monk team, I knew it was something that I wanted to be a part of.

I will confess that even as a 31 year old, I had a little bit of a fanboy squee moment joining OpenRaid’s Mumble (and online chat platform) and hearing the hosts of one of my favorite podcasts, in a group with me. Once I got over the fact that I was playing with some of the most knowledgeable Monks in the game, we quickly settled in to some pre-raid banter. For those WoW players that have never raided before, or perhaps those that may have never played the game, a raid is an epic 25 player battle through a dungeon to defeat several, increasingly difficult bosses. As you raise difficulties in these raids, the bosses get larger pools of health, meaning you have to hit them for longer periods to kill them, and the mechanics of the fight get much more difficult. Generally “raiders” in the WoW realm, are some of the most knowledgeable, skilled, and most thoroughly time invested in the game. Read more

Evolve Review

Evolve, the newest offering from Turtle Shell Games and 2K Gaming, is an asymmetrical cooperative shooter out now on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. Evolve pits four players of varying classes (more on that later) against an epic monster in a pitched battle in different environments across the planet Shear. Players will battle in several game modes with the humans trying to defeat the monster while the monster seeks to overcome his human opponents.

Evolve doesn’t waste time with things like an expansive story or drawn out single player mode, it cuts right to the meat of the game. In this case that means monster meat. Evolve puts you through a short tutorial, complete with its own achievements for completing it quickly, and immediately shows you how to wreak havoc on the humans of Shear. If you have any interest at all in playing the human characters, there’s tutorials for each of those classes as well. Since the game introduces it first, I’ll start of with a quick overview of the monster and its various abilities. you’ll start off with just one monster, Goliath. Read more

Review: Life is Strange.

Waking up in the middle of a storm as a bewildered teenage girl isn’t your typical intro to a video game. Life is Strange takes your ideas of a typical video and throws them on their head. Labeled as an episodic interactive drama graphic adventure, Life is Strange promises to take you on an interesting and unique trip over 5 episodes. From Square Enix and French developer Dontnod, Life is Strange takes a bold step out of the traditional gaming mold and making some bold game play choices.

Episode 1 entitled Chrysalis introduces Maxine Caulfield, a teen who in her younger years moved away from quiet Arcadia Bay Oregon. Read more

Flying in Draenor.

Flying in Draenor, it’s the new hot topic, frequent visitor to trade chat, guild chat, and nearly every WoW forum on the interwebs. Any time the shadow of a new patch darkens the sky, the citizens of Azeroth all seem to cry “will the mighty Blizz Devs bless us with the gift of flight?” It seems as though gamers are scouring the forums in hopes of finding a blue post letting us know that flying is coming, and you’ll be hard pressed to find an interview with anyone associated with Blizzard that doesn’t bring up the “F-word”. While it’s not unusual for Blizzard to limit flying in a new expansion, they did it with Wrath of the Lich King, and Mists of Pandaria, they’ve never left players without the hope of being able to fly. Blizzard’s official comments on Draenor flying hit the internet in early December and were as follows: “We’ll have more to announce about our 6.1 patch plans in the very near future, but as the focus of our endgame outdoor content remains in the main Draenor zones, our reasons for disallowing flight in 6.0 continue to apply in 6.1.”

"I believe I can fly"

“I believe I can fly”

Read more

Camping Poundfist, is it worth it?

Any World of Warcraft player, given enough time will hit the level cap and while there is prestige to being among the first to get there with each new expansion, WoW players fill their time, and their “brag bags” with achievements, toys, mounts, and titles, in-game items that take time, effort, or skill to acquire. There’s always been rare mount drops in the game, be it the .7% Chance of getting the Deathcharger from Stratholme, mounts like the Spectral Griffin, or Core Hound that were only available for a short time, or mounts like the new and fabled Sunhide Gronnling which requires hours and sometimes days of camping.

For weeks I’ve been reading about Poundfist the lvl 96 Elite Rare that drops the Sunhide Gronnling, reading forum posts and blogs about people’s epic multi-day journey towards getting this large, obnoxious, and extremely rare mount Read more

Review: Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons

Recently thanks to the Steam Winter Sale, I was able to pick up Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons, a game that has the praises of one my favorite Steam contributors TotalBiscuit. My first thoughts upon starting the game were how visually stunning the world of Brothers really was, set initially in a picturesque town at the edge of the sea, you’re immediately plunged into a story of loss and heartbreak, of Two Brothers who have lost their mother and now face the reality of having to go on a grand adventure to save their father. This adventure will take the two brothers through several lands, from the sea side town, to mountainous peaks, frozen tundra, a battle ground of slain giants, and even more epic vistas along the way. You’ll find yourself flying on a griffin, moving giants, swinging across bridges, and maybe even carrying a sheep around!

The most remarkable part of this game is its unique control scheme, when booting into it from your Steam Client (should you choose to play this game on PC), you are immediately faced with a warning that this game is meant to be played with a controller. Once you plug your controller in, you’ll see that the control scheme is amazingly simple. Throughout the game you will control, as alluded to in the title, two brothers. You control each brother independently with one of the thumbsticks of your controller, that is to say that the left thumbstick and trigger control “big brother” with the right thumbstick controlling “little brother”. Read more