My Favorite WoW Addons

There’s been a lot of back and forth in both my guild chat, and on twitter lately with patch 6.1 coming out about what the best add-ons are to use. I’ll be going through the add-ons that I’m currently using and find the most helpful. I’ve spent time using many different add-ons and have boiled this list down to what I believe are the best of the best.

1. The Curse Client (

If you are familiar with the add-on game, than your more than likely familiar with and their curse client. Curse is a repository of over 3,600 add-ons just for World of Warcraft. Their client allows you to go to either the curse website and download any add-on through the client, or download directly from the client. If you’re new to the game there’s even helpful lists of other players collections of add-ons so if you are still looking for something after reading my list, head over to curse and explore. It is worth noting that curse does offer a premium version of their client which eliminates adds and will automatically update your addons when needed. Unless being add-free is important to you, updating add-ons through the client is as easy as one button press so the premium features, while nice are definitely not mandatory.


2. Auctioneer ( ; curse link

Auctioneer is one of the most highly downloaded add-ons on curse. Upon first utilizing it in game you will quickly realize why. Auctioneer provides a stout suite of auction house utilities that not only will allow you to ply your skill at making gold in the AH, but will also ensure you get a fair price for any items that find their way into your bag. Instead of running down the full functionality of Auctioneer, I would suggest checking out the Multi Millionnaire’s Auction House WoW Gold Guide which provides a look into just some of the many features of Auctioneer. One of my favorite features is their simplified posting window that will price your items for you based on previous seen values in the auction house on your realm.


3. Master Plan (

If you have a level 90 toon and are managing a Garrison, you need this add-on period. Master Plan simplifies everything about managing your followers from calulating mission success rates, applying followers to those missions, and giving you much more control over your followers.


4. Recount (

Recount is a graphical damage meter. What this means is it will give you a bevy of data about any fight that you’re engaged in. The saying “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it” holds true with WoW play. If you’re not at a minimum tacking your own damage or healing, than you won’t know how to get any better. This is one add on where you do have an option. If you’ve heard of recount, than you’ve probably heard of Skada. Personally I prefer Recount as it’s what my friends and guildmates use. This is a personal choice and take whichever one you feel comfortable with.


5. GTFO (

There’s a common saying when running dungeons or raids in World of Warcraft, that being “Don’t stand in $%^#”. Blizzard is very good about showing us various graphic elements that show where damage is being created. The only downside to this is sometimes the damage box may be slightly larger than you think, or in a frenzied raid environment you may not be able to clearly make out the ground because of another mechanic triggering at the same time, or even because you just didn’t notice. Bottom line is this add-on can save your bacon, and you should use it.


6. ElvUI (

ElvUI is a total UI replacement meaning that it takes away the Blizzard UI and puts in place what many, myself included, consider a much more functional and “clean” look. ElvUI allows you to customize many different aspects of your UI and allows you to put things exactly where you’d like them to be. While it initially may sound like a cosmetic addition, know that performing at your best means having your talents, damage and all other pertinent information in the best location possible. While ElvUI will not make you a better player on its own, it will facilitate your becoming a better player. It is important to note that ElvUI is not available through curse, so you will either need to keep up with updates on your own, or download the Tukui client which will allow you to push updates to ElvUI in much the same way as he curse client.


7. Ask Mr Robot ( curse link;

Ask Mr. Robot is slightly more than the other add-ons that I’ve listed here. AMR is a website totally dedicated to gearing your character in the optimal fashion. There’s tabs for finding what item in your bags is the best (that 640 item or the 635 war forged item with 2 slots?), properly gemming and enchanting your gear, or where to spent your bonus rolls. AMR is an incredible site that does much more than what I’ve mentioned here, and I will simply say that if you’re serious about optimizing your character, than you should be using Mr. Robot. The best part of this add-on and what I find myself using the most is their combat logging system. Mr. Robot allows you to export your combat logs to their website and then provides you with infographics to analyze your performance compared to others of your item level. Everything that Mr. Robot is doing they are doing well at this moment, and their adding more functionality to their site each week. Do yourself a favor and if you only take one thing away from this article go check our Mr. Robot.


I hope this break down of my favorite WoW add-ons has been helpful. Did I miss your favorite add-on? Please leave me a comment or reach out to me on twitter @Mullet863 and let me know what you think!


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