Camping Poundfist, is it worth it?

Any World of Warcraft player, given enough time will hit the level cap and while there is prestige to being among the first to get there with each new expansion, WoW players fill their time, and their “brag bags” with achievements, toys, mounts, and titles, in-game items that take time, effort, or skill to acquire. There’s always been rare mount drops in the game, be it the .7% Chance of getting the Deathcharger from Stratholme, mounts like the Spectral Griffin, or Core Hound that were only available for a short time, or mounts like the new and fabled Sunhide Gronnling which requires hours and sometimes days of camping.

For weeks I’ve been reading about Poundfist the lvl 96 Elite Rare that drops the Sunhide Gronnling, reading forum posts and blogs about people’s epic multi-day journey towards getting this large, obnoxious, and extremely rare mount (See the Gallery below for some of the meme’s that have popped up surrounding Poundfist). As a WoW player early in my tenure, many of my friends are often showing off their mounts, toys and achievements, and I often times feel slightly left out. In Poundfist I saw my opportunity to put in some time and be rewarded with something unique. Earlier this week, being down with the flu, I had the unique opportunity of being at my home computer for an entire day, and while being able to have WoW running, as I was working I couldn’t actually engage in any meaningful gameplay, my solution of course… start my Poundfist Camp!

I started early, before 8:00 am, by using the Looking for Group feature and finding a Poundfist Camp group over on Lightbringer. The key to any good Poundfist camp is finding a large enough group that you can cover the 5 different know spawn locations for him, and communicate which spot he spawns effectively through the entire group. Blizzard has been kind enough to increase Poundfist’s health pool to 6 million, there’s plenty of time for a group to come together and each get their 1 hit on him which guarantees a drop of the rare Gronnling. One of the best parts about camping Poundfist is the fun shenanigans, banter and antics that go on during the, what sometimes seem interminable stretch you’ll spend camping. Most of the early and middle part of my day was spent showing off different mounts, making juvenile jokes, and generally acting like gamers, all the while diligently plugging away at my “day job”.

One of the most popular things to do while Poundfist camping has quickly become the Core Hound photo op, a quick search of twitter for #poundfist will yield more results of Core Hound pictures than of the elusive PF. This phenomenon emphasizes WoW players pride in their rare mounts and goes to show why so many are willing to spend hours sitting in one spot waiting for one character to spawn.

There comes a point in any Poundfist camp that you will grow to question the sanity of what you’re doing. For me this happened around hour 8. As my work day was winding down and my corporate imposed computer time was winding to an end, I faced a unique quandary. I was sick of the camp, wondering if this virtual reward was truly worth the trade of my very non-virtual time. Surely the pure incomprehensible dedication of spending time in a virtual world, sitting around waiting for a virtual reward isn’t worth it. Surely I’m simply insane, this can’t be something that other people find acceptable. Surely I’ve declined into a deep dark pit of WoW nerd-dom that I’ll never be able to crawl out of. Is this the turning point where I stop bathing, lose my near perfect tan, and stop talking to people about anything other than “deepz” and “mythic raids”? Would I no longer be able to socialize?

I had been camping the northern most spawn and my fear throughout was that I wouldn’t be able to get to the spawn in time, and all of a sudden there he was standing right in front of me. After a few furious moments of pounding out a warning in both General Chat & our Raid Group, I ran down and made sure to get my hits in. After that it was just a matter of informing my teammates that we finally had a spawn, where it was and to get their behinds there with a quickness! I’m proud to say that the majority of our group made it in time deespite a few randoms laying into Poundfist prematurely and robbing the opportunity from some.

In the end the question of “was it worth it?”, well that can only be answered with one word, YES, it was!


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