Camping Poundfist, is it worth it?

Any World of Warcraft player, given enough time will hit the level cap and while there is prestige to being among the first to get there with each new expansion, WoW players fill their time, and their “brag bags” with achievements, toys, mounts, and titles, in-game items that take time, effort, or skill to acquire. There’s always been rare mount drops in the game, be it the .7% Chance of getting the Deathcharger from Stratholme, mounts like the Spectral Griffin, or Core Hound that were only available for a short time, or mounts like the new and fabled Sunhide Gronnling which requires hours and sometimes days of camping.

For weeks I’ve been reading about Poundfist the lvl 96 Elite Rare that drops the Sunhide Gronnling, reading forum posts and blogs about people’s epic multi-day journey towards getting this large, obnoxious, and extremely rare mount Read more